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Rooftop Solar Tracker Technical Details

This tracking system has been specially designed and developed for use on walkable roofs. It's really not a design adaptation derived from other kind of tracking systems (land solar followers, adjustable frameworks, etc.)
For this reason, you have before you a product able to meet all the technical and functional requirements needed this kind of installation.

Compact tracking system: minimum logistics and shipping costs

The one and only delivery package, without independent parts and elements, is ideal for shipping via standard sea container.
A foldable structure becomes (through an articulated parallelogram mechanism) a self-supporting structure which operates intuitive. This results in the fact that the structural strength of this assembled framework is fully independent from the roof where it will be set up.
OPTIM-TOP® is conceptually modular and scalable in order to joins up to 15 positions with a single power unit. This number is considered optimal because of the size of most industrial roofs.

Solar trackers shipping Moving up the trackers on the roof Foldable tracker on the roof

Easy assembly Tracker: simplifies the set up and reduces costs

The main problem of the roof tracking systems -also for most of the fixed frameworks- is the troublesome handling and set up.

Main problems of roof tracking systems (and some of fixed frameworks) OPTIM-TOP® Solutions
Heavy and independent structural sets, that need to be adapted and handled on the roof. Light structure -less than 10Kg per PV module- and only one package -6x1,5x0,25m- easily shippable and can be easily handled by two operators on the roof. Moving the tracker over the roof
Outdoor assembly and adjustment set up, with the added inconvenience of unskilled workers having to use protection and mandatory safety equipment. Possibility of assembly with only one operator and only one tool, because all the fasteners are of a single type and they are preassembled.
The assembly time needed is less than one minute per PV module.
Tracker set up
The majority of existing tracking systems derive from design variations of ground followers, where the exceeding weight and height aren't a problem -too much surface exposed to the wind loads and problems with the shadows between modules-. The system never exceeds 1,5m in height over the roof -this restrictive value is mandatory for most of the municipalities-. Light rooftop solar tracker
Complex tracking control systems that need specialized personnel for the set up. Plug & Play control system based on an astronomical positioning and running over a standard PLC. The non-specialized installer only has to make an easy connection and enter some parameters: latitude, solar time and orientation corrections. Tracking control system

Modular Tracker: Suitable for any brand and type of PV module

Innovator "sliding clamps" system adapts to any photovoltaic module, whenever the frame is rigid enough to hold up the potential wind and snow loads.
The system is ideal for modules which have a thickness frame of between 35 and 50mm -those values include 95% of the modules on the market-.
Photovoltaic modules over tracker

Reliable Solar Tracker: Minimize maintenance operations and their cost

  • Made of light and non rust materials: aluminum, stainless steel and plastic materials.
  • Permanent joints -rivet type- in order to avoid loosening effects caused by the vibrations.
  • Incorporates passive bushing systems to suppress 97% of the vibration effects induced by wind gusts.
  • All electrical components are standard, worldwide brands and economical. Safe set up (less than 2A) with low voltage (24Vdc).
  • Easy instructions specially made for non-qualified personnel. A yearly review and oiling is enough to have the trackers in perfect working condition (2 minutes for each gear unit).
  • Possibility of monitoring the system -without additional cost- that allows the remote control and maintenance of the installation (the customer has to provide an open port to Internet).