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Estimated Price for Rooftop sun Tracker OPTIM-TOP®

The following table provides preliminary prices for installations of different sizes with the following conditions:

Data that must be given by the costumer (example):
  • PV module Power: 320Wp
  • PV module size: 1.650x1.069x45mm (length x width x thickness)
  • Location: Barcelona
Data recommended by the manufacturer to obtain the highest yield (25% compared to fixed installation) with minimal investment:
  • 4 position tracking system (OPTIMTOP PT-004-23), with distance between axes of 1.500mm
  • Drive unit for groups of 3 trackers (12 PV modules for each drive unit)
Power Approximate surface needed for the installation Estimated time for installation and set up Estimated price for equipment (*) Estimated price for installation and set up (**) Total estimated price for equipment installed and running (*) (**)
1MW 20.000m2 100 hours between eight operators 0,427 €/Wp 0,033 €/Wp 426.560,00 €
500kW 10.000m2 100 hours between four operators 0,437€/Wp 0,033 €/Wp 218.180,00 €
100kW 2.000m2 40 hours between two operators 0,456 €/Wp 0,034 €/Wp 45.540,00 €
50kW 1.000m2 22 hours between two operators 0,473 €/Wp 0,036 €/Wp 24.200,00 €
20kW 400m2 12 hours between two operators 0,508 €/Wp 0,043 €/Wp 10.410,00 €
10kW 200m2 8 hours between two operators 0,540 €/Wp 0,053 €/Wp 5.530,00 €

(*) Factory price. Packaging and shipping is not included.
(**) The elevation of the equipment on the roof is not included. The estimated cost per worker is 28.00€/h.

Please provide us with the following data about your installation and we will send you a first free quotation:
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