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The sale of electricity from solar is a business model where revenues are guaranteed by law. Electricity distributor has the obligation to purchase the energy generated at a fixed price for 25 years, so the variability of income depends solely on the quality of the installation. Hence the importance of a good choice of system to use.

Efficiency increase: with our follower, you will benefit from increased productivity of up to 25% compared to a fixed structure. This increase in productivity, with minimum costs for installation and maintenance, result in an improvement in investment and a reduction in the return period of the same.

With the PV reduction in pay, depending on the regulations of each country, the installations with trackers enjoy of a higher equivalent operating hours than the fixed installation (production in excess of these thresholds will be sold at market price).

For a power of 20 kW in OPTIM TOP® trackers it's supposed to invest, approximately, 0,40 € more per Wp installed compared on a fixed installation

0,40 €/Wp x 20.000 W =

Installed power 20kWp
Production increase with OPTIM TOP® 25%
Fixed Optim-Top® Increase
Unit output (kWh/kWp) 1.400 1.750 350
Yearly Production () 28.000 35.000

Horizon: 25 years
Sales price: 26,6208 c€/kWh
Increased annual income: 7.000kWh x 0,266208 €/kWh ≈ 1.865,00 €
Initial overinvestment: 8.000,00 €

Graphic Yield PV Optim-top

The order of magnitude of the results obtained, accumulated income of rather than a fixed installation, reveals a very clear fact:

Invert of PV Optim-top

You are invited to make your own calculations, the conclusion will not be altered.