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Rooftop Solar Tracker Documentation

Technical Information and downloads

Roof Trackers "Best practices" manual

Rooftop solar tracker - Best practices
This document answers most of the questions that we usually receive from our customers and for this reason it's a good guide for engineering companies and installers, because they already know the system and they want to deepen on their knowledge of its virtues.

Example of estimated productivity increase with OPTIM-TOP® tracker compared with a fixed framework

Rooftop solar tracker - Productivity increase
Our technician will provide you a detailed report of the estimated productivity increase for your installation. Contact us here and tell us some easy data: location of your installation, size of the PV module and main features of the roof (orientation and slope).

Example of electrical wiring for a small tracking installation (20kW)

Rooftop solar tracker - Wiring 20kW
With this simple example you can check out how easy and robust the control system is for a small tracking installation of 20kW. The system is Plug & Play.

Example of electrical wiring for a large tracking installation (350kW)

Rooftop solar tracker - Wiring 350kW
The modularity of the control system allows you to build huge installations (unlimited size) without requiring skilled personnel, because the trackers comes from the factory already assembled and tested.

Roof Top Solar Tracker Technical Features

Rooftop solar tracker - Technical features
Detailed description of all the technical characteristics of our trackers for the whole product range.

OPTIM-KIT control set-up user Manual

Rooftop solar tracker - Control set-up user manual
Detailed instructions for set-up and use of the OPTIM-KIT control for PC.

OPTIM-KIT configurator

Rooftop solar tracker - OPTIM-KIT Configurator
PC Software configurator for the OPTIM-KIT tracking system control.

Commercial Information

Product Catalog

Rooftop solar tracker - Catalog
Includes all the information needed to understand the benefits of OPTIM-TOP® and select the best option for your deck.

Tracker Technical Commercial tab

Rooftop solar tracker - Commercial
Summary sheet used to describe the OPTIM-TOP® tracking system. List the main physical, electric and service features.


Rooftop solar tracker - FAQ
Discover why investing in photovoltaic with OPTIM-TOP® increases the return of your investment.

Certifications and Guarantees

APPLUS+ Product Certification

Rooftop solar tracker - APPLUS Certification
PR-1273/058 Product certification for our entire product range:
  • Corrosion tests in artificial atmospheres.
  • Salt spray test.
  • Mechanical testing of traction.
  • Fluid simulation testing.
According to SPC standards A+ 058 and EN ISO 9227:2006

Guarantee Terms

Rooftop solar tracker - Guarantee Terms
Base contract for the guarantee of our trackers