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The rooftop solar tracker OPTIM-TOP® is one of the few in the market that has been able to overcome the stringent testing to be certified as SPC rules A + 058 and EN ISO 9227:2006:
  • Fluid simulation testing.
  • Corrosion tests in artificial atmospheres.
  • Salt spray test.
  • Mechanical traction testing.
As a result we can offer our customers the best guarantee for this type of devices according to the strict European standards: EUROCODE 1: Actions on structures - Part 1-4: General actions - Wind actions
Product certification mark for the rooftop solar tracker

Certification process for a solar tracking system

Worst case conditions of use under which the system works and from which are determined safety factors and operating conditions over time should be studied and analyzed.

Certification process for a solar tracking system
The CFD simulation shows the worst case scenario were the PV modules and the structures will be exposed and gives approximate values of forces applied in the following destructive tests.
From the values obtained in the simulation, the destructive testing of aged and unaged trackers are dimensioned and performed independently.
Comparing and analyzing the theoretical and actual values leads to certification.

Fluid simulation

Simulates the action of wind passing through the structure and its different components from a series of finite element calculations. Thus there is a determined distribution of pressures and responses on the studied set.

fluid dynamics simulation of roof solar tracker

Mechanical traction test

Two traction destructive tests were conducted with two identical tracker structures except that one of them has undergone a process of aging in the salt spray. Because of this, we manage to find the maximum load of the system in the two situations to be able to compare them afterwards.

mechanical test of traction for the solar tracker optimtop

Aging the tracker

The aging process allows for real values of the reactions of the various components when they have been subjected to the worst weather conditions expected.
In order to do the aging process to the tracker with its own system of rotation and drive unit system, it has been introduced for approximately 1.400 hours in a salt spray chamber.

aging of the solar tracker in the salt spray chamber